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Friend of Kaer

Petite Passport

Petite Passport and Kaer share a mutual passion for discovering and celebrating unique, beautifully designed spaces that inspire and rejuvenate. Both deeply value the importance of thoughtfully curated environments that promote well-being and enrich the travel experience. Credits: Petite Passport




 Credits: Petite Passport Credits: Petite Passport
Petite Kaer

Together, Petite Passport and Kaer share a journey towards enriching lives through exceptional design, mindful travel, and holistic well-being. The collaboration is a testament to the belief that beautiful, well-thought-out spaces can inspire us, help us reconnect with ourselves, and enhance our overall quality of life.

 Credits: Petite Passport Credits: Petite Passport

Celebrating European Design Retreats

Petite Passport by Pauline Egge

Pauline Egge is the owner of Petite Passport, a travel platform for design lovers. She launched her site in 2010 and since then has been posting weekly updates about the world's most beautiful places to eat, shop, and stay. She has also built a vibrant Instagram community with more than 110k followers. In 2015, she self-published her first city guides of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, and Paris, which led to a series of 11 regularly updated guides and two magazines. And in April 2024 she launched her first coffee table book Design Stays featuring Europe’s 45 most beautiful hotels and guesthouses. Nowadays, she still travels the world to find the most inspiring places for her readers, in addition to giving talks and advice on travel and hotel trends and collaborating with companies such as The Hoxton Hotels and various tourism boards to create custom-made guides and content. As a special offer, we're delighted to give our Kaer community a 10% discount on Petite Passport guides. Use code: PetiteKaers and let inspiration guide your next adventure.