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Step into a world where luxury and well-being meet. At Kaer Collective, we curate transformative experiences that nourish the mind, body, and soul. Our exclusive retreats are set in stunning locations and guided by expert facilitators, ensuring every journey is enriching and rejuvenating.

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Master your Mind, March 2024

What an outstanding retreat! The location and the compound were amazing and the care by the kaer-takers before, during, and after the retreat was exceptional. I can only recommend the travel experiences offered and am booking another one this year.

Melody J.

Master your Mind, March 2024

It's an amazing experience, and if you allow yourself to pass through that gate, it's a wonderful gift you can give yourself.

Claudia K.

Master your Mind, March 2024

What an amazing experience! From the beginning until the end, I have felt endless feelings of transformational emotions, goals and views coming in the most purest way. Kaer has an extraordinary and unique concept that brings experiences that are life-changing. It changed mine.

Nilza F.

Master your Mind, March 2024

Last week I went to the Master Your Mind retreat in Portugal, which was AMAZING! If you want a break from everyday life and a chance to really connect with yourself, Kaer is the place to be. It's a wonderful gift to yourself.

Marjolein F.

Master your Mind, March 2024

When I get home, I will tell everyone that this is the best gift you can give yourself, and that everyone deserves to experience this because it's truly transformational.

Yeliz C.

Master your Mind, March 2024

It was a very joyful time. All of the team here is very knowledgeable, and I feel very safe. If you're thinking about learning and growing, take courage and book a spot!

Catey H.